Rainbow Six Siege in ANZ 2021 – The State of our Competitive Scene

Rainbow Six Siege in ANZ 2021 – The State of our Competitive Scene

After a prolonged break due to Covid/ Six Invitational 2021 preparation (and its ultimate delay further into the year) Siege esports within ANZ and APAC are finally starting back up!

Competitions ranging from international levels from APAC South and North to the grassroots level of LPL Amateur/Evolution and XP Esports Women’s League, 2021 is set to see a large resurgence of various competitions to cater to players of all levels that want to take their ability to click heads beyond ranked!


Ubisoft’s most recent announcement shall see the introduction of 4 ANZ teams to the international arena of APAC, where they will battle it out against their South-East Asian competitors. This was made as an effort to push the APAC scene to a new level and allow some of the regions to develop further. As well as that, all the teams that are currently in the APAC South/North Leagues are promised the spot in the R6 Share program, that allows the teams to have some form of representation within the game whether it is a gun skin or operator uniform/headgear. The program itself has proven successful and allowed a fair few teams, especially in APAC, to have a much more sustainable life while competing. 

The very first broadcast of the APAC South playday turned out to be a massive success, reaching over 22 thousand concurrent viewers. This is as well backed up by Ubisoft broadcasting APAC South over on the main R6 channel which allowed larger exposure than before. 


On top of that Oceanic Nationals is making a return which is yet another layer of stability in the OCE Esports scene for R6 and will see the return of the same format, with teams that finish high in OCN having a chance to be promoted into APAC South League. Ever since 2nd half of 2020, OCN has been serving as a replacement for Pro League system and during that transition year looked a bit disconnected from the rest of the competitive given that there was only a single qualifier at the end of the year with separately made open qualifiers to give some teams a chance to make it in. Now there is a clear pathway to make it to the OCN and further and it seems that Ubisoft, ESL and LPL are making a solid effort to make it as smooth as possible!


With recent announcements coming in as well, a groundbreaking partnership has been achieved by Ubisoft ANZ office: Northlane’s newest release is now also an official theme for OCN. The reason why it is so big, especially in the oceanic esports scene is that there has never been a connection between music and the esports industry to this level. It is part of Ubisoft’s ongoing initiative to open more opportunities to collaborate with other industries and talent to provide the players more ways to connect with the games. 


Another exciting achievement by Ubisoft ANZ office is the deal with Let’s Play Live, a New Zealand based tournament organizer and broadcaster, to hold Oceanic Challenger League! A tier 2 competition to allow some of the fresher talent to have a chance to battle it out for the spot on OCN and APAC South in the future. With LPL already having the infrastructure to go from beginner competitor all the way to LPL Pro last year, the ability to progress further into OCN/APAC League is a fantastic way to bridge all the skill levels and finally have a defined pathway to pro.

After a successful run during the qualifiers a few very interesting rosters rise up to the challenge and some of the older rosters come back, Exsto Gaming, a roster thought of as a disbanded one, is making a return and looking prepared and ready to take on competition. Back in LPL Pro Season 2 that team was borderline unstoppable until the playoffs came, and looking at their chances here it is going to be a very heated season.

On top of that another roster rose up to the challenge and that is Balkan esports, the team consisting of some of the old names in the scene and mixed with some of the newer talent looking pretty strong as well, although only qualified as a 3rd seed going into OCL.


Some of the grassroots / highschool leagues have also received support from ubisoft, AEL (Australian Esports League) is launching the University League which will see a fair few university teams compete for prize money as well as XP Esport’s Women’s League that has already been ongoing for 6 weeks and already announced full year of competition with 3 seasons spread out throughout 2021.

With that said, 2021 will reinvigorate Siege’s competitive scene and no matter what skill level you are in the game, there are plenty of competitions running for you to try your hand!