Black Widow 2021 Movie Review (Spoiler Free… kinda)

Black Widow 2021 Movie Review (Spoiler Free… kinda)

Overall – 7/10

Plot: 7/10
Acting: 9/10
Femme Fatale: 10/10
CGI Pigs: 4/10

I won’t break this write up down into a full analysis of the movie, there isn’t much to analyse. There are of course your usual marvel quips and Easter eggs to deeper lore and trivia you might know immediately think of, but we certainly picked up on a few things previously mentioned in prior movies and honestly? The Shadowchat boys absolutely love that about Marvel but let’s be honest. Who doesn’t?

The film features some great ‘racially diverse widows’ despite the immediate defaults of what you would assume a Russian spy film may be. This was quite pleasant to see and how Disney managed to include this was certainly classy and subtle.

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Mr. & Mrs Smith

Filled with comedy and dysfunctional family moments Black Widow felt like a film that was already quite familiar to all of us. A film archetype we’ve seen before which felt closer to Mr. & Mrs Smith, but more like a Femme Fatale, Disney / Marvel Avengers – Spy-Kids ‘GROWN UP’. With comedy of course came more dialogue and relationship building than there was flashy action or fun adventure.

You can’t convince me otherwise

The boys didn’t really enjoy this aspect of the film that much , however I thought that the extra relationship building between Romanov and her long lost spy family helped build some depth to the characters and the bond in which they tried to recover throughout the course of the film.

The downside to this film is that I feel the Character of Task-Master was under utilized, or at least not as grand a baddy as they could have been. It felt like Romanov wasn’t truly fighting against a single entity or any kind of arch-nemesis but instead an entire symbolic and or archaic rule (which I realize is actually more her speed as a spy because she’s not a powered individual). I feel like I could write an entire essay on how this film was about washed up old men still hell-bent on their testosterone filled glory days and the hierarchies they had built to manipulate women into their bidding, essentially degrading them into tools for their own twisted world ultimately allowing Natasha Romanov to cut her final strings or should I say shackles as a free woman as she moved to face a more equal world (jokes. this is before end-game and she’s dead 🙁 big sad) but I think that’s enough from me.

Go watch Black Widow now on Disney+ Premier Access, or in the cinema’s with your friends if you’re here in Aotearoa.
Worth the watch, great fun for the family and greater fun with your friends if you know how to enjoy a movie together.
Just don’t mind the really bad CGI and green screening. Not sure if that’s our generation wising up and realizing how bad green screen really looks, or if Disney made some budget cuts but to be honest I only noticed it because everyone else commented on it.

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