Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V

At the dawn of our esports era, Shadownet housed some of the best NZFGC players that have long dominated the local scene and continue to do so during and post Shadownet FGC era.

Rainbow 6: Siege

Our history of esports started through the casting endeavors of CEO and founder of Shadownet Ian “LAN” Seaton, Shadownet would keep and maintained a competitive roster in LPL Amateur, Challenger and eventually PRO even through various roster changes.

DotA 2

Competing in both the LPL Pro League and a franchised position with the Oceanic Esports Dota League (OEDL), Shadownet’s pickup of former winning captain ‘Kourosive’ propelled us into a strong local contender.


A beloved roster, Shadownet VALORANT had its rocky beginnings but emerged into an underdog and a crowd favorite. Each player their own super star, thriving in the local community and ever growing in popularity.